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When to Consider a Concrete Driveway Replacement

Onto a New Driveway  

The lifespan of a driveway depends on factors such as climate and maintenance but is primarily determined by the material. Driveway damage can come from many sources, including motor oil or gas, de-icing materials, freezing temperatures, and the weight of your vehicle. If properly installed and cared for, a concrete driveway should last about 30 years. Concrete driveways in colder climate areas may break down sooner but should still last approximately 20 years. Aside from age, heed these obvious signs which will help you decide in undergoing a concrete driveway replacement project.


Cracks that are less than ¼ of an inch wide should be repaired before they spread. If water freezes and expands in a crack, the crack will become deeper and wider and is more likely to become an issue.


While a crack is unsightly, a pothole can actually be problematic for your car. Going over a hole in the driveway every day is bound to be tough on your tires and suspension system. These large holes form when the ground beneath the driveway expands and contracts. Over time, the driveway material on top starts to weaken, and pieces eventually crack or crumble away to form a pothole.

Excessive repairs

If you are performing extensive repairs on a regular basis, your concrete driveway may simply be in need of replacement. The repair process tends to affect the appearance of your driveway and can lead to additional problems down the line. You can skip the hassle by having your driveway replaced with new concrete materials and enjoy its beauty and function for years to come.

Repairing your driveway is the right choice if the damage is minimal enough, covers less than 50% of the surface, and if the repairs allow you to maintain the integrity of the driveway as a whole. Other than that, plus the age, a replacement is imperative because even if you have an absolutely beautiful home, a crumbling driveway can kill its curb appeal.

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