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Signs That You Must Hire a Concrete Contractor

When Should You Call a Concrete Builder?

Concrete building construction requires a great deal of preparation. The goal is to lay the foundations for the future structure and ensure quick installation. So, when will a homeowner or a commercial building owner need to call a professional concrete contractor? Below are the top three indicators that will tell you that it’s time to call an experienced contractor:

No more stability

As a concrete building construction grows, you must test the structure’s stability and foundation. Over time, you may notice that the structure has become unbalanced as the addition of rooms and smaller structures has increased its weight class. The structure may not be designed for the weight of the additions, which can cause the structure to become unsafe for use. If this is the case, it’s time to call a contractor.

Lack of structural integrity

The structural materials of your concrete building construction may be coming apart. Cracks and other signs of structural damage may appear on walls and floors. If you notice damage to the structure, you must call a professional to preserve the structure’s integrity and safety. The culprit could be any number of factors, including dry rot, water damage, and structural damage. You’ll want to call a contractor to inspect the construction and evaluate the best course of action to take.

Signs of buckling

If you notice cracks on driveways and sidewalks that don’t follow their lines, you may have pavement failure. If you see this, you should get a professional assessment of your concrete construction immediately. If the problem is structural, you’ll want to call a contractor immediately.

If you notice these indicators, or any other indicators, in your concrete building construction, it’s time to call a professional concrete contractor. To find the best possible contractor for your project, contact Concrete Company by Lane. Our company is in Belmont, NC, and we provide commercial and residential concrete construction services to our customers. Call us at (704) 368-3012 for more inquiries and reservations!